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This morning we released the findings of our Frontline Nursing and PSW Attrition Survey. I want to thank those of you who completed the survey and helped us amass a sample size of over 11,000 positions.

Our survey results confirmed the stark reality you have been expressing to us. We found that across the three frontline positions (PSWs, RN, RPNs), a massive 17.4% of positions are vacant. This is almost triple last year’s survey results of 6.8%.

In response to these staggering numbers we’ve issued the attached press release. We’ve also attached a PowerPoint deck that highlights the survey results in further details.

We will use these results to continue to pressure the government on the need to address this critical issue.  We would ask that if you have any recent examples of client impact to share with us pertaining to this HHR crisis,  that you do so as soon as you can.  This information is essential in painting the reality of the situation.

Today we’ve publicly called on the government:

  • Repealing Bill 124 – Home and Community Care Health Service Providers cannot compete with LTC/Hospitals that are able to pay higher wages for the same staff roles
  • Making pandemic pay permanent
  • Recognizing the massive wage parity issue and increasing salaries
  • Striking an urgent task force in the sector to address these HHR issues and report back to government with a system wide plan


The Ontario government is planning to soon make permanent an hourly wage increase for personal support workers that was brought in during the pandemic.

A senior government source confirmed to The Canadian Press that the government intends to introduce legislation on the matter this month.

The wage increase for health workers has been repeatedly extended for months at a time since COVID-19 hit the province two years ago.

It is currently set to expire on March 31.



Do you live in Aurora, Newmarket, Georgina, East Gwillimbury or Bradford West Gwillimbury? Are you
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Through our partnership with the Southlake Community Ontario Health Team, we are excited to announce that they are actively seeking patient, client, caregiver, and community members interested in sharing theirexperiences of using and/or interacting with health and social services to inform and improve the way people
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Ontario Health Teams are a new model of care where a group of service providers (such as hospitals, home
care, primary care, mental health and others) voluntarily come together and self-organize to deliver
coordinated continuum of care to a defined population or patient segment. The Southlake Community Ontario
Health Team aims to deliver coordinated care for five core geographies: Aurora, Newmarket, Georgina, East
Gwillimbury, and Bradford West Gwillimbury.

The Southlake Community Ontario Health Team welcomes and encourages participation from people of all
ages, backgrounds and experiences. If you reside and/or have used health or social services in Aurora,
Newmarket, Georgina, East Gwillimbury, and Bradford West Gwillimbury, you are someone who has valuable
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For more information to get involved, please visit https://southlakecommunityoht.ca/engagement/.

Home and Community Support Services enable older adults to live at home and in their community, where they want to be.

We need greater investment in Home & Community Support Services for a better future for all.

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