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Supported by the annual UniversalCare Strides for Seniors and Care As One organization, CHATS will be offering York Region’s First Residential Respite Dementia Care Centre, a 24/7 respite program to support older adults with dementia and other related conditions, as well as their caregivers.

The program is specifically designed for individuals currently living at home who require short-term support in a safe and accessible environment. The dedicated staff at the center will provide vital support, companionship, and resources to enhance the lives of seniors and their families in our community. This initiative will significantly benefit caregivers by reducing burnout and offering them the opportunity to recharge.

Overnight Respite Services Features & Programs

  • Cozy, home-like setting

  • Supports up to six residents

  • Custom-designed for comfort and enjoyment

  • Montessori-inspired activities

  • Delicious and nutritious meals

  • Therapeutic garden accessible in spring, summer, and fall

  • 24/7 qualified staff

  • Personal care services

  • Assurance of compassionate, well-trained caregivers for family peace of mind

  • Medication management

Why Overnight Respite?

Most seniors in Canada want to remain at home for as long as possible as they age.

However, some individuals with mild or moderate health conditions or physical limitations are admitted to long-term care even though they potentially could have been cared for at home with the proper supports.

Our Residential Respite Dementia Care Centre will offer families the opportunity for their loved ones to stay in an environment that is comfortable and relatable to them, on a short-term basis. They can sleep in a comfortable bed, continue their daily routines, receive expertise professional care, and participate in leading life enrichment activities. This Centre will be very beneficial for those suffering from conditions such as dementia.

In 2019, it was measured that 1 in 9 newly admitted residents to long-term care had similar health characteristics as those living at home with formal supports. We know that staying at home for as long as possible, can offer a better experience for many people and can help ensure that long-term care beds are reserved for those with complex needs who require full-time permanent care.

Our Residential Respite Dementia Care Centre will fill a gap in our community by providing a meaningful residential respite environment, contributing to a successful model of care that will improve the health care experiences of seniors and their families.

Overnight Respite Care Future Site

Our Residential Respite Dementia Care Centre will be operated in a modernized historical home located at Bathurst St. and Major Mackenzie Drive in Vaughan.

This two-storey architectural gem dating back to 1860, known as the Bassingthwaite House holds a prestigious spot on the City of Vaughan’s Built Heritage Inventory, recognized for its architectural and historical significance.

Nestled at 10,090 Bathurst Street, Bassingthwaite House enjoys a charming setting amidst mature woodlots, while also being conveniently located near highways, public transit, and the hospital.

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Universal Care Strides for Seniors

For the next 3 years, all funds raised through our annual UniversalCare Strides for Seniors 5km run and 2.5km walk, will go towards the purchasing and renovation of a Residential Dementia Respite Care Centre. This Centre will provide a home-like environment with 24/7 care. In 2023, we achieved a remarkable milestone, securing over $1 million through the generosity of our legacy donors and the 2023 UniversalCare Strides for Seniors. Currently, we stand at one-third of our fundraising goal. To transform this vision into reality, we seek the support of generous donors like you, whose contributions will significantly impact the success of our project.

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